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Support Group Session

Reentry & Substance Abuse Support Groups

Each Saturday from 11:00 am- 12:30 pm we host a reentry and substance abuse support group. Our groups are primarily facilitated by our dynamic peer outreach specialist, Mr. Gregory Williams and Executive Director, Miquel Powell, BSW. Both of whom have spent almost three decades, combined in the NYS Department of Corrections.

Here, we focus on presenting relapse prevention strategies/ techniques from an abstinence-based perspective. We are sensitive to past trauma, current mental health concerns, and environmental needs of the participants in recovery.


We also work with participants during group to identify personal barriers to returning into society after jail or prison, while offering coping skills that are rooted in personal experience, knowledge of criminality, and understanding of the correlation between crime and addiction.

Our support groups are both supportive and real.

Reentry and Substance Abuse


We offer comprehensive support services to men & women recently released from jail or prison and those who are suffering from substance use disorders.


All participants have the option to connect with a case manager who will be able to conduct a needs assessment. The participant will then be able to meet with their case manager monthly as additional support in which they can be connected to outside community resources, have ongoing support, and help manage SUD and reentry needs.

We can pay for vital documentations if a participant needs NYS ID, birth certificate, or Social Security Cards.

We can also help participants obtain a ‘certificate of relief’ to help ease employment barriers.

Note: participants who utilize these services must engage with our weekly reentry & substance abuse support groups as well.


Community Development Programs

It is our philosophy that to adequately assist men & women who are recently released from jail or prison and those suffering from substance use disorders; we must also be working tirelessly to enhance the social systems they are expected to interact with during their recovery and reentry back into society.

With this wealth of thinking, we initiate community development programs, events, and advocacy movements.

In 2020, we started the Miquel A Powell Youth Summer Camp which is an annual summer camp teaching at-risk youth life skills.

We have three "volunteer" sub-committees focused in three major social need areas:


1. Anti-Poverty

2. Criminal Justice Reform

3. Drug Addiction Awareness

We are always looking for volunteers and interns to join our team of social justice advocacy. If interested, please send us a message.

"Rebuilding lives & communities, together."

Community Development Programs
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